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"prudens ut serpens, simplex ut columba"

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Newsletter No 1

1st June 1997

Cead mile failte. A hundred thousand welcomes.

Welcome to the Rossiter Research Registry, (RRR), the one and only Rossiter one name club on the "net." The RRR has been formed to bring together fellow researchers who are researching the name Rossiter so information can be shared in the hope that we can all help each other to find out more about our relatives and ancestors.

The founding Honorary Chairman is Peter Rossiter of Ballina, New South Wales, Australia and the Honorary Secretary is Merv Rossiter, of Gold Coast, Queensland.

Peter Rossiter was born in Norfolk Island in 1933. (Norfolk Island is about halfway between Australia and New Zealand). He had a career with the Australian Army and served in Vietnam before retiring to Ballina on the northern coast of New South Wales, Australia. His great grandfather, Thomas Rossiter, was the first government appointed school teacher to Norfolk Island a position he held from 1859 to 1884. His job was to teach the newly arrived Pitcairn Islanders. He was born at Croscombe, Wells, Somerset, England. Hardie Rossiter, son of Thomas, married Annie Robinson, daughter of Issac Robinson and Hannah Quintal, so Peter is a 4x great grandson of Matthew Quintal, William McCoy, Edward Young, and John Adams, all muniteers on the "Bounty" in 1789.

At the moment, Peter is engaged in extracting the Rossiter names from St.Catherine's House birth, marriage and death indexes. He is also researching the Rossiter name in Somerset with the hope of finding out more about his ancestors.

Merv Rossiter was born in Auckland , New Zealand, in 1939. He is a retired civil engineer, and came to Gold Coast in 1987. His interests are beach walking, playing bridge, gardening, and genealogy. His great great grandfather was Peter Pillar Rossiter who came from Paignton, Devon, to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1850. A brother, Edward, went to Christchurch in 1854 while another brother, Samuel, went to Moonta in South Australia in the same year. A cousin Edward went to Adelaide, Australia, in 1855. At the moment Merv is engaged in researching Rossiter families world wide and putting his findings into print so that they may be of some help to fellow researchers . He has written three volumes of ;

"The Rossiter Papers - A Collection of Notes on Some Rossiter Families".


Membership is free to anyone interested in the Rossiter name. Please send your email and full postal address, (snail mail address), together with your family history details. The more you send the more we may be able to help you. You may be asked to provide additional information to assist fellow researchers. Members will be eligible to receive zip and gedcom files.


The Rossiter Research Registery Home Page will be the official newsletter. It will be published on or about the first day in June, September, December, and March each year. Researchers without email facilities may receive a photocopy by snail mail for a small annual fee.


If you would like help with your research please send full details. If we cannot help you, your query will be published in the following newsletter and maybe a fellow researcher will provide the answer.


Information is required on the following. If you can assist please email

"Rossiter Arms" hotel and Rossiter Street, Bath, England. Pub history wanted. Also details of the family the pub and street were named after.

Bartholomew Rossiter married Elizabeth Waldron c1820 probably Kilcullen, County Kildare. They had five children., Mary Ann b.1821 Kilcullen., Elizabeth b.1823 Kilcullen., then Catherine, Gertrude Georgiana, and John. The family emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1840. Details of the family in Ireland required.

John Rossiter married Jane Hending c1829 Doulting, Somerset, England. Details of marriage and parents required.

John Rossiter, coffee merchant of London, married Sarah (Ann) Robinson c1834. Details of marriage and parents required.


All communications shall be with and through the Honorary Secretary, Mervyn J Rossiter, 44 Vatakoula Parade, Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 4218

or email -

We would like to hear from you. Tell us what you want to see in this home page.

Irish Family Mottos

The motto for the Rossiter family of County Wexford is :-

"prudens ut serpens, simplex ut columba"

"wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove"

Compare this motto with what is written in the Bible., Matthew X, verse 16

"Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves :

be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

If your family motto is not on the list in this newsletter please send details and it will be included in the following one. Now that I have looked at all the mottos, I think I will change my name by deed poll to Lennon. Check it out.

Bits and Pieces

Did you hear the joke about the Irishman who died of seafood poisoning ?. The epitaph on his tombstone read -

"Oysters Killpatrick"

"That's a good one. Write it down." so says Hal Roach. (Irish Comedian)

"Irish genealogists never die. They just lose their census"


Three volumes of "The Rossiter Papers - A Collection of Notes on Some Rossiter Families" have been published and more are to be released soon. The cost of each volume is A$35.00., and US$30.00., NZ$40.00 and UK20 Pounds which includes airmail postage. Nett profits will be used for further Rossiter research activities e.g. purchasing certificates and other documents. If you have written your own family history we would like to purchase a copy, or, you may prefer to swap with one of our publications.

Book One - Table of Contents

The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname "Rossiter"
The Rosseters of County Wexford
The Paignton Devon England Rossiter Family of Lyttleton Christchurch New Zealand
The Doulting Somerset England Rossiter Family of Norfolk Island
The Croscombe Wells Somerset England Rossiter Family of Norfolk Island
Leonard Rossiter (1926-1984) Television Stage and Film Actor and Author
Thomas P Rossiter (1818-1871) Painter U.S.A.
Phillip Rossiter (c1568-1623) English Musician

Book Two - Table of Contents

The Eling Hampshire England Rossiter Family of Carlton Victoria Australia

Colonel Sir Edward Rosseter of Somerby by Bigby Lincolnshire England - Soldier Knight
Parliamentarian 1618-1669

Clinton Lawrence Rossiter 3rd, 1917-1970 University Professor Author Historian Political Scientist
United States of America

Lawrence Fowler Rossiter of Pasadena California U.S.A. Investment Banker

The Camerton Somerset England Rossiter Family of Ipswich Queensland Australia

Book Three - Table of Contents

Rossiter Murex - Chicoreus Rossiteri
Captain Rossiter of the "Mississippi" - The English Captain of the French Whaler
The London England Rossiter Family of South Gippsland Victoria Australia
The Combe St.Nicholas Somerset England Rossiter Family of Dorchester Massachusetts U.S.A.
The Combe St.Nicholas Somerset England Rossiter Family of Aslackby Lincolnshire England
Rossiter Place Names in Australia
The Rossiter Soldiers of the A.I.F.-Australian Imperial forces 1914-1918

Our Rossiter Family History

In The Beginning

The first Rossiter we know of was Lambert de Rosei who lived in Rosei de Roseto in Dieppe, Bellencombe, on the north west coast of France. In 1066 he sailed with William the Conqueror and fought in the Battle of Hastings. For his services he was made a Baron and granted land at West Rudham in Norfolk, England. He held Castle Acre as an under tenant to the Earl of Warwick. From here, and over the years, the Rossiter family migrated. Some went to Lincolnshire, some to Ireland, and some to Somersetshire.

The British Museum have a manuscript of a Visitation to Lincolnshire in 1190 which shows a Rossitur of Somerby. Did this anglo-norman family fight against Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest?.

Before the Visitation, however, was the invasion of Ireland in 1169 by Strongbow under the auspices of King Henry the Second of England. Lambert's great grandsons, Ralf and Wakelin (John) Rossiter were among the 2000 mercenaries recruited from around the southern part of Wales. For his services, Wakelin was knighted Sir John Rossiter and was granted the Baronies of Forth and Bargy. The Barony of Forth had an area of 2000 acres of arable land and contained the sea port of Wexford.

The Rossiter (Rosseter) families then proceeded to build a series of castles to protect their land. Rathmacknee was the mother castle while other strongholds were Bargy, Slevoy, Tomhaggard, Tacumshane,Ballygarvan and Newcastle, (Kilmannon). However they were deprived of their estates by Oliver Cromwell in 1650.

One of the most prominent Rosseters in Irish history would have to be Colonel Thomas Rosseter who fought against Cromwell at Wexford. By a coincidence, Colonel Sir Edward Rosseter of Lincolnshire fought alongside Cromwell at the Battle of Naseby in 1645, but that is another story.

It has always been thought that the Rosseter's of Wexford came from Aslackby in Lincolnshire as they share the same Coat of Arms. However, in 1972 the College of Arms in London found a Rossiter family in Combe St.Nicholas in Somerset, England with the same Coat of Arms. George Rossiter of Combe St.Nicholas migrated to Aslackby in or about 1540 and took the Coat of Arms with him. So did the Rosseters of Wexford come from Aslackby or Combe St.Nicholas.

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Newsletter No.2

01 September 1997

The Rosseter's of Somerset

"securior quo paratior - the better prepared the more secure"

In the Herald's Visitation to Lincolnshire in 1634 the Pedigree of Richard Rosseter of Coome, County Somerset and Lincolnshire shows his Coat of Arms as :

Argent on a chevron Gules three pheons OR
no crest recorded

Riestap's "amorial General" lists these Arms for Wroxeter/Raucester/Rosseter in Normandy at an early date.

AN ACHIEVEMENT OF ARMS is the accepted form adopted by the College of Arms in London for the display of a coat-of-arms, and is composed of the Crest, Wreath, Helmet, Shield, Mantle, Motto and name of the Armiger (bearer of arms) in a display depicted somewhat as if the shield and helmet were hung on a hook or peg on the wall of the Great Hall of the castle or manor and, with the Mantle (cloak) hung over these items. In this way the visitor to the castle would know who was present by the Arms hanging in the hall.


CREST : (topmost figure) represents the figure or symbol which was attached to the top of the knight's Helmet - an additional identification. For several hundred years the Crest figure was not inherited and the warrior used any figure that pleased his fancy, and sometimes used as a Crest the distinguishing emblem of the Baron he followed. However, many of the older Armigers never adopted a Crest figure so their Arms are complete without one.
ROSSETER Crest : none recorded for these Arms

WREATH : This was a scarf used by the knight to anchor the Crest figure to the Helmet. In Heraldy it is depicted as two skeins of silk twisted into a plait of six, alternating the metal and color shown on the shield. The Wreath rests on top of the Helmet as a base for the Crest figure.
ROSSETER Wreath : A twist of silver and black. When no Crest figure is shown, the Wreath is omitted in the display of the Arms.

HELMET : The helmet is not shown in this depiction of the Arms since the Shield is encased in an ornate framework, usually hung on the wall to display the Arms when not in use.

SHIELD : This is the heart of the Arms. what is painted on the shield IS the Coat-of-Arms. All other embellishments are for beauty in the display of a Coat-of-Arms. The shape of the Shield is optional with the artist depicting the Arms. The one shown in this drawing (above) is a typical European shield.
ROSSETER Shield : Argent on a chevron Gules three pheons OR
Argent, the first word of the Heraldic description of the Arms, indicates the Shield is painted silver and contains a chevron, an inverted "v" shaped figure extending across the shield, coloured Gules (red), on which are three pheons coloured OR (gold).
Note : The pheon is an ancient barbed arrow-head. The point is shown in base (erect) unless otherwise specified in description of the Arms.

MANTLE : The mantle is the decorative matter around the shield and helmet and has no particular shape. It may be quite plain or very elaborate. In this drawing of the Arms the shield is encased in a gold framework, as explained earlier.

MOTTO : "securior quo paratior - the better prepared the more secure". It is not known when this motto was adopted. Mottoes are not considered exclusive. Several families or clans may use the same motto. Many were originally a battle-cry. They were in Latin or old French and expressed an ideal, a goal, or an admonition. The use of mottoes for the display of a coat-of-arms did not come into general use until the XIV century. Many whose Arms ante-date the use of mottoes display none. the motto is placed on a ribbon or scroll just below the shield.

The above Coat-Of-Arms and notes were supplied by Ouida W.Nelson 944 Audubon Place, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, 71105.

Rossiter's of Somerset

In Somerset, England, one of the first recorded Rossiter families is that of Richard Rossiter, born 1461, son of William and Joan ROSSITER (Rouchestre). Richard was the first proved land owner at Combe St.Nicholas which is about three kilometres northwest of Chard. In 1524 he was called "Gentleman" and he owned four messuages and 543 acres of land. He married Elizabeth PEYRE about 1490 and they had three children, Joan Phillip and George.

Joan married William HARTGILL of Kilmington, Somerset. George married Ann WILLIAMS and took with him his Coat-of Arms to Aslackby in Lincolnshire. Phillip married twice. His second wife was Katherine LYTE of North Curry in somerset and they had four children, Phillip, John, Elizabeth, and Hugh. Phillip became the noted musician to the court of James 1st and one of England's finest song writers.

The name of Phillip's first wife is not known. They had three sons; William, Richard and Nicholas. Nicholas was the father of Edward and grandfather of Dr.Brian (Bray) ROSSITER who in 1630 went to Massachusetts U.S.A. on the Mary and John.

Some noted descendants are :

General David Rossiter (1735-1811) soldier, US War of Independence
Thomas Pritchard Rossiter (1818-1871) famous American painter.
Lawrence Fowler Rossiter (1895-19..) soldier and banker USA
Clinton Lawrence Rossiter 3rd (1917-1970) political scientist

Doctor Brian (Bray) ROSSETER - Line of Descent

William ROSSETER b.c1428 Somerset England; m. Joan........
their son
Richard ROSSETER 1461-1529; m. Elizabeth PERYE
their son
Phillip ROSSETER 1505-1583; m. spouse unknown
their son
Nicholas ROSSETER 1536-1608; m. Eliza ........
their son
Edward ROSSETER 1575-1630; m. Elizabeth COMBE
their son
Dr Brian (Bray) ROSSETER 1610-1672; m. Elizabeth ALSOP

General David Rosseter - Line of Descent

Dr.Brian (Bray) ROSSETER 1610-1672; m. Elizabeth ALSOP
their son
Joshia ROSSITER 1646-1716; m. Sarah SHERMAN
their son
Theophilus ROSSITER m. Abigail PEARSON
their son
David Rossiter 1735-1770; m. Eunice BRISTOL

Thomas Pritchard ROSSITER - Line of Descent

Dr.Brian (Bray) ROSSETER 1610-1672; m. Elizabeth ALSOP
their son
Joshiah ROSSITER 1646-1716; m. Sarah SHERMAN
their son
Nathaniel ROSSITER 1689-1769; m. Anna STONE
their son
Nathaniel ROSSITER 1762-1834; m. Sarah PYNCHON
their son
Henry Caldwell ROSSITER 1790-1871; m. Charlotte BEERS
their son
Thomas Pritchard ROSSITER 1818-1871; m. Shrick PARMELEE

Lawrence Fowler ROSSITER - Line of Descent

Dr.Bryan (Bray) ROSSETER 1610-1672; m. Elizabeth ALSOP
their son
Joshia ROSSITER 1646-1716; m. Sarah SHERMAN
their son
Nathaniel ROSSITER 1689-1769; m. Anna STONE
their son
Nathan ROSSITER 1730-1813; m. Sarah BALDWIN
their son
Nathan ROSSITER 1756-1829; m. Hannah TUTTLE
their son
Timothy Tuttle ROSSITER 1785-1810; m. Cynthia POWERS
their son
Lucius Tuttle ROSSITER 1809- 1879; m. Mary WICKES
their son
Edward van Wyck ROSSITER 1844-1910; m. Estelle HEWLETT
their son
Edward Lawrence ROSSITER 1870-1934; m. Ella FOWLER
their son
Lawrence Fowler ROSSITER 1895-19..; m. Gladys Corlett ARMSTRONG

Clinton Lawrence ROSSITER 3rd - Line of Descent

Dr Brian (Bray) ROSSETER 1610-1672; m. Elizabeth ALSOP
their son
Joshia ROSSITER 1646-1716; m. Sarah SHERMAN
their son
Nathaniel ROSSITER 1689-1769; m. Anna STONE
their son
Nathan ROSSITER 1730-1813; m. Sarah BALDWIN
their son
Timothy Tuttle ROSSITER 1785-1810; m. Cynthia POWER
their son
Lucius Tuttle ROSSITER 1809-1879; m. Mary WICKS
their son
Arthur Clinton ROSSITER 1857-19--; m. Jessie Louise GOODRICH
their son
Clinton Goodrich ROSSITER 18--to 19--; m. Dorothy SHAW
their son
Clinton Lawrence ROSSITER 3rd 1917-1970; m. Mary Ellen CRANE

Book Reviews

"The Lowest Form of Wit"

by Leonard Rossiter with 30 cartoon drawings by Honeysett
Hardcover; 220x150, (9x6); 154 pages; no library registration number.
Published in 1981 by Bookclub Associates London.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Leonard Rossiter also describes it as the sour cream of wit. He has put together a book of witty writings, caustic comments, ringing retorts, ribbing repartee, and insulting invective that he had collected during the thirty years he was on the theatre stage. Whatever Leonard did, he did meticulously and this book is no exception. It is a compendium of who said what and when in the cut and thrust of putting someone in their place. "There are no Queensbury rules in the use of sarcasm, just go in for the kill," Leonard wrote.

In this book Leonard writes about the art and history of sarcasm, noted wits, (His Hall of Sarcastic Fame), the rules of sarcasm, (or lack of them), people who have had flashes of brilliance in making sarcastic comments, and what some people have sarcastically said on their death bed.

No review would be complete without quoting from Leonard's book some of his sarcastic writings.

Newsletter No.19 - December 2001


If you dug a hole in say Trinity College in Dublin and kept on digging straight down until you came out the other side, then you would drown. Assuming that there was no water present then you would emerge from your shaft bout 700 kms south east of New Zealand. Therefore it follows that if you want to escape Ireland one of the furthest places one could go to would be to Auckland in New Zealand, the city of my birth. Conversely, if one wanted to escape New Zealand, then one of the furthest places to go to, would be to Ireland. I "escaped" New Zealand permanently in 1987 and moved to the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland in Australia. In September 2001, I "escaped" Australia for three and a half weeks to tour southern England and the east coast of Ireland. I went from Brisbane to Heathrow, Paignton, Bath, Bristol, Bridgend, Fishguard, Rosslare, Wexford, Dublin, Liverpool, then back to Heathrow and Brisbane.

My ancestors went from Wexford to Paignton in the early 1700's and in the 1850's they went to Australia and New Zealand so this trip for me was somewhat of a pilgrimage retracing the footsteps of my ancestors.

While in Dublin I attended The Fourth Irish Genealogical Congress. For more information see The Irish Newsletter Number 20 - October 2001 at

Merv's Pilgrimage To England and Ireland

Thursday 06 Sept

The airport bus picked me up at my front gate at 6.30am.

Departed Brisbane Airport at 10.30am on Royal Brunei Flight B.I. 78 on the "milk run" stopping at Darwin, Brunei, Singapore, Dubai and Heathrow London.

Friday 07 Sept

Arrived Heathrow at 1.10pm. Picked up rental car and drove to Paington, arrived 4.50pm. Met my sixth cousin, Nigel Rossiter. He is the managing director of Rossiter's Department Store at 13-17 Palace Street Paignton, a business that has been in his Rossiter family since 30 March 1858.

Saturday 08 Sept

In the boardroom with Nigel at 8.00am. Nigel has a Rossiter pedigree chart about 1500 mm by 750 mm on velum in beautiful copper-plated hand writing compiled by his great grandfather, Robert Tucker Rossiter. (1831-1886).

I have a rough pencil copy which came into my possession some years ago and I took it with me on this trip so I was able to authenticate it. The chart begins with a Radulph de Roucestre born 1216 and continues down to the 1900s.

Part of the chart shows Colonel Sir Edward Rossiter who had a son Edward who had a son Robert who had a son Richard in 1710 who I believe is my 5xggfather.

Something extraordinary happened on this trip which has led me to this conclusion. (see Wednesday 26 Sept). Nigel said that he would photograph this chart with a digital camera so it can be shown "on the net". He also has some rare and priceless photos and documents of his ancestors. He has a little green book called "The Home Circle" which records Rossiter births deaths and marriages over the years. Nigel said that he would do lookups upon request.

I departed Paignton at 10.30am and arrived at Rossiter's Royal Oak Hotel in Rossiter's Road in the city of Bath at 1.30pm. Greeted by Kathy Merryweather. Brian Rossiter, Tom Rossiter, Dave Rossiter and Sheena Carter arrived soon after. It was great to meet the people that I had been writing to for several years.

The meeting finished at 5.00pm. My hosts that night were Shenna and Simon Carter.

Sunday 09 Sept

This day I was with Simon and Sheena Carter who took me sight seeing around Bath. Went to the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Rossiter house at No.4 Henrietta Street and Bath Works.

Monday 10 Sept

Went to Kathy Merryweather's residence at Backwell near the Bristol Airport Arrived 11.00am Kathy showed me her Rossiter records. He husband Steve made a burnt cdrom for me of her Rossiter listings. Thanks Steve. Had dinner at the Rising Sun Hotel. That night stayed at the West Hay Motel

Tuesday 11 Sept

Dropped the hired car off in Bristol at 8.00am. Took a taxi to Bob Johnson's place in Redland in Bristol. Bob is a trustee of The Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund.

We discussed the book about Stuart Rossiter that I have recently written.

Took a train from Temple Meads in Bristol at 11.30am to Bridgend in Wales. Arrived at 1.30pm and was met by Clive Rossiter. He drove me to his house where I met his lovely wife Majorie. It was great to catch up with Clive after all these years. Majorie is doing a wonderful job looking after him.

Clive has a cover sheet for a publication of a Somerset visitation which I now present..

The Visitation of the County of Somerset

In the years 1551 and 1575

Together With

Additional Pedigrees, Chiefly From The

Visitation of 1591

edited by

Frederick William Weaver M.A.

Late Dean of Magdalen College of Oxford

Printed for the Editor by W.Pollard, North Street, Exeter 1885



The name Rosseter is mentioned on p.128

Clive drove me to the railway station where I took to the 10.23pm train to Swansea and Fishguard. Arrived 1.00am Wednesday morning.

Wednesday 12 Sept

Saw the bombing in America on TV while I waited for the ferry. Departed Fishguard on the 3.15am ferry for Rosslare. Arrived 7.30am. Met by Stephen Rossiter of Paradise. (brother of Pat who is married to Georgina). Stephen lives on the family farm at Paradise. A sign on the wall reads "this house was built by Patrick Rossiter in 1806." Stephen took me to Rathmacknee Castle built by Sir John Rossiter c1450. We had a look at the outside of Bargy Castle built by the Rossiters in the 1500s. Had lunch at The Farmer's Kitchen. Drove into the town center for a "bo-peep", took photos inside St.Brides Church and Rowe Street Church. Had dinner that night with Pat and Georgina. Pat showed me a copy of an old map of Wexford county showing land owners in the 1650s.

(see Wednesday 19 Sept.)

Thursday 13 Sept

Went to the Wexford library to do some research. Received copies of the Rossiter listings in Brian Cantwell's "Memorials to the Dead". At lunch time walked the streets of Wexford. Went to the information center. Purchased a book "McBride's Brigade - Irish Commandos in the Anglo Boer War" by Donal P McCracken. There were two Irish brigades who fought alongside the Boers, one led by McBride the other by Arthur Lynch who was born in Australia. One day I would like to write a research essay about Arthur Lynch. (see Wednesday 19 Sept)

At 4.00pm Sean Rossiter, a friend of Fredrico and Andres Rossiter in Argentina, found me at the library. He took me to Ballybrennan Cemetery and Piercestown Cemetery then back to the library at 5.30pm. Pat took me to his house for tea. At 9.00pm Stephen took me down the road "for a jar." We went to the Millhouse Pub at Tecumshan. The publican gave me a booklet about the nearby windmill.

Friday 14 Sept

The Irish government declared a "day of mourning" because of the recent bombing in America. I did my washing and mowed Stephen's lawns. After lunch Stephen took me to see his sister Elizabeth and her husband Jim who live at Saunder's Court, Crossabeg. They have a great view of Wexford Harbour from their house. Their outlook is straight down the middle of the harbour to the bridge.

At 4.00pm met Val (Valentine) Rossiter from Dungarvan in Waterford at The Farmer's Kitchen. Val came on his motorbike, a two hour ride. He designs and builds scientific instruments. His grandfather was Richard Rossiter from Our Lady's Island. His grandparents are buried in Deansgrange Cemetery in Dublin. We went to Pat's place and talked to 6.45pm. Val had another two hour ride back to Dungarvan. At 7.30pm went to Mass (my first) at St Fintans in Mayglass

Saturday 15 Sept

Went to see Mrs Helen Skrine a local historian who lives at Butlerstown Castle.

Mrs Skrine phoned Mrs Davidson, mother of Chris de Burgh who owns Bargy Castle where upon Mrs Davidson arranged for her man, Henry Meadows, to give us a guided tour inside Bargy Castle. Chris de Burgh has converted the castle into a guest house with 23 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms and 21 toilets. The place has been thoroughly "Americanized", very little that is authentic remains. Even the Rossiter coat of arms above the from door has been desecrated. The Rossiter shield has been replaced by another. In one of the bedrooms is a plaque which reads

{IHS.1591.RR.MS }

The 'H" has been written differently (see photo). I believe it is a marriage record. RR would be Robert Rossiter. But who is MS?

Robert married Mary Codd and their first child Robert was born in 1612.

Would MS be Robert's first wife? If only the walls could speak.

That night went to my first hurling match at St Fintans. Pat presented me with his son's (Padhraic) hurling stick which now has pride of place in my study.

Sunday 16 Sept

Met Sean Rossiter at The Farmer's Kitchen at 9.15am. We went to New Ross to see the "Dunrody", a replica of a famine ship that once sailed to Canada. Went back to The Farmer's Kitchen for a late lunch, joined by Stephen who had been playing golf all morning. Said good-bye to Sean. Stephen took me to Old Tecumshane Cemetery and Ishmarton Cemetery which is about 200m up the road from his house. That night had "a jar" with Pat and Stephen at Killinick Hotel. Said good-bye to Pat.

Monday 17 Sept

Stephen took me to the train station. Took the 7.45am train to Dublin. Arrived 10.45am. Took taxi to Trinity College, cost £3.00. Checked in, Room 51.2.1

At 1.00pm took a guided walking tour of Trinity College. At 2.30m had a free professional research interview with Patricia Moorhead, subject Thomas Wrixon Rossiter., result - a complete waste of time!!

At 3.30pm took a guided double decker bus tour of Dublin City. Cost £8.00

That night attended the Opening Congress Dinner at the Hilton Hotel.

Tuesday 18 Sept

At 9.00am attended TCL (Trinity College Lecture)

At 10.45 am attended TCL

At 12.00 Took the "Book of Kells" tour

Went to the Tourist Information Centre which is in St Andrews Church

At 2.00pm attended TCL

At 3.30pm to Irish Ferries., booked fare to Liverpool

At 7.00pm to State reception at Dublin Castle. A great evening except someone forgot to invite the Mayor and the civic dignitaries. After a few wines I became an unofficial tour guide.!!

Wednesday 19 Sept

At 9.00am attended TCL

At 10.45am attended TCL

At 12.noon to the National Library. Showed the librarian the map of Wexford County that Pat had given me. (see Wednesday 12 Sept). He identified it as a Down Survey Map, 20D six inch. It is a composite map with the Down Survey of 1655-59 superimposed on an Ordinance Survey Map of 1839-41. The property owners of 1655-59 are shown. I inspected the original. I had map number 47. There were more Rossiters on maps 42, 48, and 53.

Looked at the book "My Life Story" by Arthur Lynch 1861-1934., pub 1924 by John Long Ltd., London.

Took notes from the book "The Castles of County Wexford" by W.H.Jeffrey.

Read a book of poetry 'Upward Decline" by Pat Rossiter of Gorey.

That night went on a "Literary Pub Crawl"., cost £7.00. The first pub we went to was "The Old Stand" in Exchequer Street, possibly the oldest public House in Ireland. I cannot remember which pubs we went to after that one.

Thursday 20 Sept

At 9.00am TCL

At 10.45am TCL

At 2.00pm TCL

At 3.00pm TCL

At 4.00pm TCL

At 7.00pm met Catherine Rossiter ex Kilmore. Went to a local pub "for a jar"

Friday 21 Sept

Skipped lectures. At 8.30am went to Representative Church Body Library. Researched Thomas Wrixon Rossiter. (see later)

At 2.30pm took a free two hour guided tour of Glasnevin Cemetery. To get there, I took a taxi, cost £5.00, came back by bus, cost 80 pence

At night went to an Irish Culture Centre.

Saturday 22 Sept

At 9.00am TCL

At 10.45am TCL

At 2.00pm TCL

At 3.45pm TCL

Sunday 23 Sept

At 11.00am TCL

At 1.30pm TCL

At 3.15pm TCL

Monday 24 Sept

Departed Trinity College 7.45 am by taxi to Busaras (bus station) then to Irish Ferries which departed Dublin 9.45 am arrived Holyhead 1.00pm. Took train to James Street Liverpool changing at Chester arrived 4.30pm. Met by Tom Rossiter of Maghull who took me to his house. Had dinner at the Red House Hotel which is a 50 metre walk from Tom's house.

Tuesday 25 Sept

To Minting, near Horncastle. Went to St Andrews Church. Sir John Rawcester is listed as an incumbent from 1451 to 1495. He built Rathmacknee Castle. Made a copy of the Rossiters listed in the church records. Went on to Aslackby. The farm manager gave us a conducted tour of the Manor House. The 1st Lord of the Manor was in 1120., Robert de Stafford, son of Roger de Todeni. Aslackby was home to the Rossiters in the 1500 and 1600s. Took photos of the church, old vicarage, manor house and stables. Drove 380 miles that day.

Wednesday 26 Sept

We were invited to Maureen Baird-Murray's (nee Rossiter) place in Shropshire for lunch. Maureen's father was Edward Wrixon Rossiter son of Walter Wrixon Rossiter and grandson of Thomas Wrixon Rossiter. Edward worked for the British Foreign Service in Burma in the 1930s and married a Burmese woman. He had two daughters, Judith and Maureen. Maureen was brought up by the nuns in Burma and went to Ireland to live with her grandmother after the Second World War. Maureen wrote a book about her childhood called "A World Overturned". While having lunch, Maureen commented, out of the blue, that her sister Judith had told her that her grandmother had given her the family silver which was engraved with the family coat of arms., a cheetah. (leopard passant) Straight away Tom and I recognised the emblem as being in the coat of arms for Colonel Sir Edward Rosseter who fought alongside Cromwell in the Battle of Naseby in 1645. Suddenly the Robert Tucker Rossiter chart gained credence. That night I phoned Kathy Merryweather and she said that she had come across an Edward Rossiter in New Ross in Wexford who was not related to Ignatius Rossiter. I now believe that the Rossiter's of Paignton are descended from Colonel Sir Edward Rossiter and hope to prove it in the very near future.

That night went to the Red house Pub for dinner. Traveled 170 miles that day.

Thursday 27 Sept

A bit of a damp day. Nevertheless we set off for Somerby at 7.00am., arrived at 10.30am. Somerby was once the home of Colonel Sir Edward Rosseter. Took photos of St Margaret's Church. returned to Liverpool via the Humber Bridge.

That night had dinner with Pete (Tom's brother), his wife Pat and their two year old daughter Aleisha.

Friday 28 Sept

That morning went to Ford Street Cemetery. Rubbed some peppermints on a headstone to highlight the engraving before taking a photo. Afternoon had a look at some of Tom's records. At 5.00pm Pete, Pat and Aleisha came for dinner. At 6.00pm John Hutchinson and Barbara Smith (both Rossiter descendants) arrived for a five hour chat. John presented me with a book on Liverpool and gave me a copy of his family tree. Barbara presented me also with a book about Liverpool and gave me a copy of her family tree and also a family tree for Leonard Rossiter, the actor.

Saturday 29 Sept

Tom drove me to Heathrow Airport. Left Liverpool at 6.00am, arrived Heathrow Terminal 3 at 10.30am. Plane took off at 1.30pm on the 'milk run" landing at Dubai, Brunei, Darwin and Brisbane

Sunday 30 Sept

In transit

Monday 01 Oct

Arrived Brisbane 2.00am. In bed at 3.30am and slept for 26 hours.


It was great to meet up with friends and relatives who I have been writing to for some years. This was a trip in a life time for me, one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It was even more enjoyable because I think I have found my Irish ancestors.

I would like to thank Nigel Rossiter, David Rossiter, Brian Rossiter, Kathy and Steve Merryweather, Simon and Sheena Carter, Bob Johnson, Clive and Majorie Rossiter, Stephen Rossiter, Pat and Georgina Rossiter, Sean Rossiter, Catherine Rossiter, Pete and Pat Rossiter, Maureen Baird-Murray, John Hutchinson and

Barbara Smith. Thank you all for your kindness and hospitality. To the people I met at the congress in Dublin, thank you for your company and friendship.

A special thank you to Tom Rossiter of Liverpool. If Colonel Sir Edward Rossiter was the "little colonel", then this fellow is the 'little general". I spent six days with him and he would not let me pay for anything. We drove about 1500 miles in that time and saw a lot of England. I took with me a rain coat, an umbrella and a hot water bottle and did not have to use them. There was only one wet day in the whole trip and that was when we visited Somerby.

I think I got on well with Tom because he said that I looked like his father. His brother Pete said the same thing. Pete gave a photo of his parents and sure enough I look like their father right down to the same missing front tooth. Genetics is a funny thing.

My wife Noeline and I have an open door policy - our house is your house. So if you want to come to Australia, book your fare to Brisbane and I'll meet you at the airport. I just hope that I can repay some of the kindness extended to me.

God bless you all.

1850 Dublin (City) Census (cdrom) - Rossiter Listings

Augustine ROSSITER

5 Duke Street

St Anns (southside)


7 Mason's Market

St Mary's (northside)


2 Essex Gate

St John's (southside)


59 Jervis Street

St Mary's (northside)


17 Whitefrier Street

St Peter's (southside)


42 Golden Lane

St Bridget's (southside)

Bereavement Notices

A unique lady who I have been writing to for some years, Ouida W Nelson, passed away 21 August 2001 after a brief illness. She was 85.

Ouida was a granddaughter of a Rossiter family that first landed in the USA in 1630. Along with her twin sister, Jay Watters, they produced the book "Rosseter, Rossiter, Rossitter and Related Families". The first edition was in 1984 and since then there have been several revisions. My condolences to Jay and family members

It is my sad duty to report that Seamus Rossiter father of Brian Rossiter (and others) died in Ireland 28 September 2001. I have been writing to Brian for some years now and finally met him in Bath on the 8th September. Seamus Rossiter was from the Slevoy branch in Wexford. My condolences to Brian and family members.

Deansgrange Cemetery Dublin - Rossiter Listings

Vol 1


Jane A ROSSITER d.01 Jan 1935., her dau. Nina d.21May1933

Vol 2 - nil ROSSITER listings

Vol 3


Richard ROSSITER d.09Jan1929

his wife Helena d. 07Mar1947

their dau. Mabel d.21Aug1971

(Richard and Helena are grandparents of Valentine Rossiter of Waterford)

Vol 3

F4 100

Ann ROSSITER d.21Apr1991

Vol 4


My husband John Alexander ROSSITER died Dalkey 28 Dec 1899 (aged 63)

Help Corner

Kathy Merryweather is looking for Joseph ROSSITER of New Ross in Wexford.

He was alive in May 1898 but is not listed in the 1901 census. Any help appreciated.

Thomas Wrixon Rossiter

The following information was obtained from the Representative Church Body Library in Dublin

*Thomas Wrixon ROSSITER b c1841, m 26May1864 Parish Church Taney

Annie COX, b c1843, d18Jan1886, bur Taney Church cemetery

**Grace Emily ROSSITER b 17Oct1870 Dundrum, d 08Oct 1885, bur Taney

**Walter Wrixon ROSSITER, b24Jan 1867 Rosemount Dundrum, bp 21 Jul 1867 Taney, m 18Oct1902@Taney Catherine Frances WRIGHT

***Edward Wrixon ROSSITER, b1903, d1903

***Edward Wrixon ROSSITER, b0May1904 Frankfort Villa Dublin, bp08Jun1904 Taney, d1940 Calcutta, m(1) Khin NYUN, m(2) Nang MAT

***Annie Grace ROSSITER b 25Apr1905 Frankfort, bp 31May 1905 Taney

***Walter Wright ROSSITER b25Nov1906 Frankfort, bp11Jan1907 Taney

***Frances Eileen ROSSITER b 05Jun1908 Frankfort, bp27Jul1908 Taney

***Constance Hilda ROSSITER b29May1910 Frankfort, bp06 July1910 Taney

Edward Wrixon ROSSITER and Khin NYUN

are the parents of Maureen Baird-Murray

Barbara Smith's Family Tree

* Denis ROSSITER, b1808, d09Oct1888 Hilltown Tacumshaun Wexford


*** Denis ROSSITER b28 July1873 Broadway Wexford

**James ROSSITER b c1849 Ireland, d 09Jun 1916 Bootle,

....m 19Oct 1871 in Liverpool Margaret (O') DONOVAN, d23Jul 1906

***Kathleen Evelyn (Margaret Ann) ROSSITER b c1875 Liverpool,

......m William CHRISTIE 05 Aug 1901, issue two

***James P ROSSITERr b c1880, no further details known

***Florence ROSSITER b c1876, d 1931, bur15Jan1931 Bootle

......m 11Oct1897 David MANN

**** Lillias MANN mother of Barbara SMITH.

Bits and Pieces

From a petition found in Enniscorthy Castle

"William and Frances ROSSITER, 11 December 1811, living at Kilmore Quay"

Leonard Rossiter's Family Tree

*Thomas ROSSITER m Jane b c1835

** Joseph ROSSITER b c1861 Liverpool, m 30May1881 Emily MARK

***Mark Thomas ROSSITER b1882, m1906 Harriet LEESON

***Emily Jane ROSSITER b1884, m1913 George BIRD

***Joseph ROSSITER b1887, m1910 Agnes Isabell HALLIDAY

***John ROSSITER b1890, m1917 Elizabeth HOWELL

***James Player ROSSITER b1892, killed 1916 on the Somme

***Francis Lythgoe ROSSITER, b1895 killed 1916 on the Somme

***Thomas ROSSITER, b1898, m1925 Lilian May JASPER

***Rose Isabel ROSSITER, b1900

***Margaret ROSSITER, b1901, m1923 George BENISON

***Mary ROSSITER b1906

John ROSSITER and Elizabeth HOWELL were the parents of Leonard ROSSITER

Parting Thought

Merry Xmas and God bless you all

End of Newsletter No 19 - December 2001



There have been four Visitations for Lincolnshire which are as follows -:

1562 - first visitation for Lincolnshire, published in the "Genealogist"

1592 - second visitation for Lincolnshire, published in the "Genealogist"

1634 - third visitation for Lincolnshire. see College of Arms MS.C.23

1666 - last visitation for Lincolnshire. see College of Arms MS.D.23

Reference -: "Lincolnshire Pedigrees"

edited by The Rev Canon A.R.Maddison, M.A., F.S.A. (London 1902)

Published by the Harleian Society

The Rosseter Families - Lincolnshire and Somerset Connection

Here follows an extract from a letter dated 18 January 1972 from Conrad Swan, Esquire, York Herald of Arms.

I have now made a search in the Records of the College (of Arms) concerning the name and Arms of Rossiter, with the following results.

There is a Grant of amorial Bearings made to Richard Rossetur of Somerby in Lincolnshire in 1592 as follows :

Argent on a bend Sable three chaplets Argent

Crest : a leopard passant Or

In the visitation of co.Lincoln made in 1592, there is a pedigree of four generations, beginning with "Rossetor of Skegness in co.Lincoln, Esquier" who had Richard of Myntinge, who had Richard and Lewis. Richard, of Somerby, had Robert, Edward and Richard. the Arms and Crest allowed to them are as shown above.

In a later Visitation of co.Lincoln, made in 1634, the pedigree picks up Richard Rossiter of Somerby and goes on. The oldest son Richard, had two sons, Robert and Sir Edward, who are said to be without issue, a third son Richard and a fourth, Thomas. The third son Richard had sons Richard, Edward and John.

The sames Arms and Crest are allowed to them, which have been stated to have been granted 06 June 1592 by Robert Cooke, Clarenceaux. (Herald of Arms).

Regarding the "Sir" Edward in this pedigree, there were two Edwards knighted, according to Shaw's "Knights of England"., Edward Rosseter of co.Lincoln, 23 April 1603 and Edward Rossiter of Somerby, co.Lincoln, 27 May 1660.

The Edward in the pedigree must have ben the first of these. In a MS collection of notes, we have an abstract of the Will of the second Sir Edward, dated and proved 1689, when he had four sons. However, they are both only side issues.

In the same Visitation of Lincolnshire (1634) there is another pedigree, beginning with "Richard Rosseter of Coome, co.Somerset, who married........daughter of Hergill, and sister of .......Hergill that was murdered by the Lord Stourton in Queen Mary's time". They had two sons, Phillip and George. George, who was of Aslackby, co.Lincoln, had three sons Thomas and Francys, both with 'issue marks' to them, but the pedigree goes on through Christopher, the third son., there was also a 4th son, Edward, who is said to have died without issue. Christopher, who was living in 1634 had sons, Richard, Christopher and John.

The pedigree is interesting as being the only one showing the link between the Somerset and Lincolnshire Rosseters.

The Arms, however, shown with this pedigree, are different to those allowed to the branches which seem to be seated chiefly at Somerby. They are -:

Argent on a chevron Gules three pheons Argent

No Crest.

Note -:

These were the first Arms for the Rosseter's of Rathmacknee, co.Wexford, (Ed.,)

We have no record of the origin of these Arms, and they are, I think, much older than those granted in 1592 to the Somerby branch.

I find, from looking around in miscellaneous material that the name of Rosseter goes back to very early times in both Lincolnshire and Somerset, and I cannot tell which is the older. But it may be the Somerby line was in Lincolnshire all the time, and the Aslackby ones had migrated there from Somerset, bringing with them these other Arms.

The above letter is proof that the Rossiter's of Alslacky in Lincolnshire came from Somerset by virtue of both clans having the same Coat of Arms. It is important to note here that the Rossiters of Rathmacknee in County Wexford in Ireland also shared these same Coat of Arms.

It is thought that Sir John Rawcester built Rathmacknee Castle in about 1451. He is listed on a wall plaque in St Andrew's Church in Minting as an incumbent from 1451 to 1495.

So the Somerset Rosseters must have been in Lincolnshire before 1451

*Richard ROSSETER, bc 1438, d b/f 1513,

....m.1459 Joan PEION, b1438, d 02 May1513 (had lands in Dorset)

Children of Richard and Joan

**Richard ROSSETER, bc 1463, d 03Sep1529, m1490 Elizabeth PERYE, bc 1468, d.b/f 20Jul1558, d/oWilliam PERYE and ........FRYRE

Richard was the first proved land owner at Coombe St Nicholas, Somerset

Children of Richard and Elizabeth

***Phillip ROSSETER of Combe, 1st son


***George ROSSETER of Combe, bc 1505, bur.Aslackby 29 Dec 1598

........m.Anne d/oDavid WILLIAMS of Stamford

Children of George and Anne

****Thomas ROSSETER of Moulton, 1st son;

........Will dated 24 Jan 1630-31; proved 13May1631., m.(1) unknown

........m (2) Bridget, widow of Richard MARSHALL of West Laughton., .........mar.lic.13Mar1605/6. Will dated 28 Dec1608.,proved 20Apr1613. (Her dau ........Anne by her 1st husband, was wife of Edmund DIGGLE, Clerk, Vicar of ........Sutterton)

****Edward ROSSETER, bpt 24Feb1560/1 Aslackby, assessed 1598 for subsidy

****Christopher ROSSETER of Kirton in Holland, 3rd son bapt27Mar1564 ........Alackby, living 1609, m Margaret d/o John TILSBIE of Pinchbeck

****Francis ROSSETER of Liddington co Rutland, adm'or of his brother ........Thomas ROSSETER 1631., m Jane d/o????, bur Aslackby 22July1617

****Katherine ROSSETER m by 15June1570 Aslackby, Richard MARSHALL of ........West Laughton

****Mary ROSSETER Aslackby 18July1559

****Bridget ROSSETER 11Dec1572 Aslackby., Thomas GOLES

****Isabella ROSSETER bp 03June1559

****Elizabeth ROSSETER bp 01May1563

Children of Thomas ROSSETER and Bridget MARSHALL

*****William ROSSETER 1631

*****Bridget, (called "Anne" in the licence) mar.lic.28May1613, aet.26

..........m Ralph JACKSON of Moulton, yeoman,aet.36.1613

*****Katherine, 1631., m....PILSWORTH

Children of Christopher ROSSETER and Margaret TILSBIE

*****Richard ROSSETER 1st son

*****John ROSSETER of New Sleaford, 2nd son, Will dated 4Apr, proved ..........(C.P.C.) 10May 1630, m Ellinor d/o ????

*****Christopher ROSSETER of Lincoln ? 3rd son

*****Susanna, legatee of her brother John ROSSETER,1630, then unmarried.,

..........m Robert WOLMER (?) of Frampton

*****Bridget bp 23 Nov1589 Aslackby

*****Millicent bp 09June1595 Aslackby

*****Bridget bp1596 Aslackby, bur Spalding 20Feb1600/1

Children of Francis ROSSETER and Jane

*****Edmund ROSSETER of Lavington, aet.29,1616., m Margaret d/o William ..........WILLESBY of Spalding., bp.there 09May1594., mar.lic.08Aug1616

*****William ROSSETER of Kirkby Underwood, aet.28,1615/16., m Judith ..........d/o......BEETSON of Milnthorpe in Aslackby. mar.lic.06Feb1615/16, aet.26

*****Anne, bp1588 Aslackby, bur there 21Aug1588

Children of William ROSSETER and Judith BEETSON (check)

******William ROSSETER, m Christiana d/o ???? Will dated 28 May, proved ............01July 1681, then "of Threckingham, widow"., appoints her eldest son ............William ex'or

Children of William ROSSETER and Christiana

*******William ROSSETER, ex'or to his brother Sherwood ROSSETER 1693

*******Edward (or Edmund) ROSSETER, ex'or to his brother Sherwood 1693

*******Sherwood ROSSETER of Quadring, "singleman". Will dated 08Apr1693 ..............proved 23May1693 by his brother Edmund ROSSETER


*****ROSSETER John of Quadring, bur there 18March1686/87.Will proved ..........1687 m Bridget d/o

Children of John ROSSETER and Bridget

******Bridget, mar.Norris LENTON

******Mary, 1687

******Elizabeth, 1687

******Eleanor, bp at Quadring 1677

*John (?)Rosseter (probably 4th son of Richard Rossiter of Minting) see Rosseter of Somerby.,d 09Apr 1589

Children of John Rosseter

**Richard Rosseter of Minting, Will dated 30Nov1613; proved 01Jul 1614, bur ....05Jan1614Minting m.19Jan1589/90 at Minting Margery d/o John SHERRIFF ....and Margery; aet.40 in 1615, bp 07July1575

m.20Sep1615 Robert Millington of Little Sturton, Gent; aet.37; 2nd husb.

**Robert Rosseter, 1613

**Anne m.Robert Southwell

**Mary m.John Smith

Children of Richard and Margery

***Richard Rosseter of Minting; gent; aet 25, 1632-3.,

......m.22Mar1632-3 Elizabeth, d/o....FISHER of Boston; aet 21


***Elizabeth m.30Aug1614 Thomas BURTON of Stixwold, clerk., aet 30, 1614



*George Rosseter of Somerby, Keddington 27Dec1616.Adm'on ..03Feb1616-17 to his relict Mary.,

..m.Mary, d/o....Brocklesby; Keddington 20Nov1626

Children of George ROSSETER and Mary BROCKLESBY

**Richard Rosseter, 1st son, bapt at Gainsborough 25 Dec1587

**Robert Rosseter, bapt at Gainsborough 18Jan1586-7., bur same day

**Anthony Rosseter of Legburne, bapt at Heckington 18 Mar 1588-9.

....Will dated 06Nov1655; proved (C.P.C.)19May1656

....m Mary, d/o Thomas RYGHTON of Louth; bapt 23Nov1603; Louth 25Nov1624; proved her husband's Will 19May1656.

....Her Will dated 03May1659;proved 13 Nov 1661

**George Rosseter, 3rd son

**Thomas Rosseter, 4th son

**Bridget, bapt 13Nov1585; bur at Gainsborough 25Jan 1585-6

**Elizabeth, bur at Keddington, 10Oct1624



John ROSSETER, bapt. at Burgh 12 May 1661

Children of Anthony ROSSETER and Mary RYGHTON

***Harpham Rosseter,bapt 12 Nov1628 Keddington, ex'or to his mother,

......m Katherine d/o

***Anthony Rosseter, bapt 19May1631., 6Nov1655

*** George Rosseter, under age, 6Nov 1655, ex'or to his mother 1661

***Mary Rosseter, under age, 6Nov 1655, living 1659

***Elizabeth, m by 6Nov1655 Thomas WEST., living 1659

*Richard ROSSETER of Skegness, m dau.& heir of STOVER

....(by another authority dau& heir of John HALL of Wainfleet)

Children of Richard ROSSETER and ..... STOVER (HALL)

**Richard ROSSETER of Minting,d06May1531,Will dated07Apr1531

......m Alice (or Margaret) RIBY,d/oGeorge RIBY of Winthorpe and Boston

Children of Richard ROSSETER and Alice RIBY

***Richard ROSSETER of Somerby nr Bigby,d09May1557, Will dated 30April ........proved 22Jul1557., m Alice BAYLLES d/o Edward BAYLLES of Somerby

........surviving 25 Sep 1557

***Henry ROSSETER of Hemingby,Will dated 12 Mar1578-9,proved 01Apr1579 ......mAlice....? issue John ROSSETER, 1579

***Hugh ROSSETER of Horsington.Will dated 01Mar1590-91,proved14Apr1591

.......m ???? issue Robert ROSSETER

***John ROSSETER of Minting, d09Apr1589 (see ROSSETER of MINTING)

Children of Richard ROSSETER and Alice BAYLLES

**** George ROSSETER (2nd son) see ROSSETER of KEDDINGTON(d1616)

........(m Mary BROCKLESBY)

****Edward ROSSETER 3rd son (m15Aug1587 Margaret) (Adm'on of Edward ROSSITER of Melton ........Ross, Gent.,given to his widow Margaret and his brother Richard ROSSITER 15 Aug1587

****Richard ROSSETER 1st son and heir.,(b09May1546)aet.10 and more 9May ........3and4 Phillip and Mary.1557,living 21Aug.1607., m Bridget d/o Robert ........CARR of Sleaford.,living 4 Sep1604., died before 21Au.1607

Children of Richard ROSETER and Bridget CARR

*****Robert ROSSETER, 1st son and heir apparent 1592., dsp

*****Sir Edward ROSSETER, Knt., 2nd son., dsp (knighted 1603)

*****Richard ROSSETER of Somerby 3d son1592 and 1634., heir of his brother ..........inq. p.m. 4Sep 1620, (d1634) m Elizabeth d/o Sir John BOUCHIER of

..........Beningburg Grange (and Anne ROLFE), coYork, Knt., marriage settlement .........11Apr1609,Scromby Lincoln (b1593 Kirby Underdale Yorkshire)

*****Thomas ROSSETER of Somerby, 4th son (bp06Nov1591Somerby)1592 and ..........1634., living 15Oct 1652 but died before 15Aug 1668

*****Elizabeth, 1st dau.1592., m Thomas BARD of North Kelsey

*****Bridget, 2nd dau.1592 and 1634., d u/m. Will dated 15 Oct1652., proved ..........(C.P.C.) 22Aug1654., described of Somerby, and (to be) bur.there

*****Ursula, 3rd dau.1592 and 1634., m....SMITH., living 15Oct1652

*****Alice, 4th dau.1592 and 1634

Children of Richard ROSSETER and Elizabeth BOUCHIER

******Richard ROSSETER,1st son+heir., aet.18.1634.d7eb1635/6 dsp(b1616, u/m)

******John ROSSETER 3rd son 1634

******Sir Edward ROSSETER of Somerby, Knt., 2nd son 1634., heir of his,aet.18years 1 month and 6days at his death.(b01Jan1617/18) indicted Grantham for high treason 1643., proved his aunt Bridget's will 22Aug ............1654., Colonel in the Parliamentary Army., M.P. for Lincolnshire 1654., ........... knighted at Canterbury 26 May 1660.Will dated 15Aug1668., proved ............(C.P.C.) 27Feb 1668/9., adm'on 28 June 1689

............m(1)(25June1646)Jane, d/oSir Richard SAMWELL (and Mary VERNEY) of ............Gayton co.Northampton, Knt., neice of George VERNEY., bapt at .............Compton co.Northampton 18 May1615

............m(2) Arabella, d/o John HOLLES, Earl of Clare., marriage settlement ............dated 18 Jan 1659/60., proved her husband's Will 27 Feb 1668/9., died b/f ............28 June 1689 (d30Aug1670)

Children of Sir Edward ROSSETER and his first wife Jane SAMWELL

*******Mary, 1st dau., under 18, 15 Aug1668., u/m 11Sep 1669 (b c1651)

*******Elizabeth, 2nd dau.,under 18 15Aug1668., (b c1653),

..............(d 11Jun1706 Wellingore) m Edmund ELLIS of Wellingore (m Sep 1679)

Children of Sir Edward ROSSETER and his second wife Arabella HOLLES

*******John ROSSETER of Somerby, son+heir.,under14,15Aug1668 (b c1661) ...............(d1723 Somerby) m(Frances 06Feb1682 StMargarets Westminster London)d/o ..............WALSINGHAM, (Thomas and Ann).,(b16Mar1662 Little Chesterford)

..............sister of James WALSINGHAM of Little Chesterford, co Essex

*******Edward ROSSETER, 2nd son 15Aug1668 (b29May 1662)

*******Horatio ROSSETER, 3rd son 15Aug1668 (b23May1663)

*******Richard ROSSETER, 4th son 15Aug1668 (b20Jun1664)

*******Vere ROSSETER, Youngest dau 15Aug1668., adm'ix "de bonis non" of ..............her father 28 June 1689 (m 1694 Henry GORE)

Children of John ROSSITER and dau. of WALSINGHAM

********Arabella, (bp03Nov1684 StMartins in the Fields London), dau and heir., ................m at Christ Church, Greyfriars Newgate Street, London 13 Feb 1726/7, .................Henry VILLIERS, Lieut Gov Tynemouth Castle, co ................Northumberland, only son of Henry VILLIERS, (b1668) of the 1st Earl of Jersey

*ROSSETUR of Somerby in co.Lincolnshire

**Nicholas ROSSETUR of Somerby

**George ROSSETUR of Somerby m Marie d/o BROCKLESBY

Children of George ROSSETUR and Marie BROCKLESBY

***Richard ROSSETUR







The above family is the same as the ROSSETER family as mentioned in the Visitation of Keddington


as pub.

*ROSSITER. Richard of Skegness m d/o STOVER (or John HALL)

Children of Richard ROSSETER and ......STOVER (HALL)

**Richard ROSSETER of Minting,d06May1531, m Alice RIBY

Children of Richard ROSSETER and Alice RIBY

***John ROSSETER 4th son, d 09Apr1589, m

Chidren of John ROSSETER

****Richard ROSSETER, b c1561, d1614, bur 05Jan1614 Minting.,

.........m 19Jan1589/90 Minting

........Margery SHERRIFF d/o John SHERRIFF and Margery, b07July .........Minting,1575, m(2) 25Sep1615 Robert MILLINGTON

Children of Richard ROSSETER and Margery SHERRIFF

*****Thomas. b c1591

*****George. b c1594

*****William. b c1594

*****Elisabeth. b c1597, m30Aug1614, Thomas BURTON of Stixwold

*****Martha. b c1600, d 1602

*****Marie. b c1601

*****Sare. b c1605

*****Richard. b c1608, m1632/33 Elizabeth FISHER of Boston

*****Anne. bp 30Apr1613, m 03May1632 @Minting, Robert STORY

Other Visitations

The Visitation of Wiltshire 1623,

edited by George W Marshall, LL.D

online at -:

No Rossiter listed

The Visitation of Gloucester, 1623,

edited by Sir JohnMaclean, F.S.A.

and W.C. Heane. M.R.C.S. Eng.

online at -:

No Rossiter listed

The Visitation of Dorsetshire, 1623,

edited by John Paul Ryland, F.S.A.

online at -:

No Rossiter listed

The Visitations of Devon comprising the Herald's Visitations

of 1531, 1564, and 1620, with additions

by Lieut-Col J.L.Vivian.,

online at-:

No Rossiter listed

The Visitations of County Somerset in the year 1623,

edited by Frederic Thomas Colby, D.D., F.S.A.,

online at -:

No Rossiter listed

The Visitation of the County of Somerset In the years 1551 and 1575

Together With Additional Pedigrees, Chiefly From The Visitation of 1591

edited by Frederick William Weaver M.A.,Late Dean of Magdalen College of Oxford. Printed for the Editor by W.Pollard, North Street, Exeter 1885

0756042 and T929.2f

The name Rosseter is mentioned on p.128

John ROSSETER of Crewkerne married Agnes FOSTER d/o John FOSTER of Luxborough and Alice BAKER. Issue John ROSSETER of Old Cliffe (Old Cleeve) June 1631. Arms - Ar.on a chevron Gu.three pheons Or

The Visitations of Cornwall comprising the Herald's Visitations of 1530, 1573, and 1620, with additions by Lieut-Col.J.L.Vivian

(Nigel Battysmith hopes to have this document online soon. Ed.,)

The Visitations in the County of Devon in the year 1564, with additions from the earlier visitation of 1531, edited by Frederic Thomas Colby, D.D., F.S.A.

(Nigel Battysmith hopes to have this document online soon. Ed.,)


Book Review

"Was Wexford Betrayed To Cromwell ? - The Truth"

by Kathleen A Browne

published 1940

History books show that Captain James Stafford betrayed the people of Wexford when he opened the town gate at Wexford in 1649 to let in Cromwell's soldiers. This small book of 40 pages is an attempt to exonerate Stafford

The founder of the Stafford family was Robert de Stafford who resided at Stafford Castle in Buckinghamshire in England. A descendant became the Duke of Buckinghamshire upon his marriage to the heiress of the son of Edward the Third. The Irish branch of the Stafford family was established with the anglo norman invasion between 1169 and 1172. They were granted land in the Barony of Forth and established themselves at Ballymacane near Tacumshane. In the early 13th century the Staffords built their first castle at Ballymacane. In latter years they built Stonebridge Castle and Ballyconnor Castle. In 1570 Dionisius Stafford and his wife Katarina Sinot built or reconstructed the hall to Ballyconnor Castle which became their home. Dionsisius had a brother Richard who was the great grand father of Captain James Stafford.

The rebellion began in 1641 because of religious persecution and confiscation of land. Five armies were formed., two Protestant factions, two catholic and one Scottish Presbyterian. They formed the Confederation of Kilkenny. But they could not agree. Had the five armies cooperated with each other then they might have defeated Cromwell.

A "peace settlement" was reached between the five armies in 1647 but The Nuncio opposed it and issued a decree of excommunication which was flouted by many, making Cromwell's task much easier.

Captain James Stafford, Governor of the Castle of Wexford. received his commission 16 Dec 1648 from the Supreme Council of Kilkenny

Cromwell began his five day massacre of Drogheda on the 12th September 1649. He entered Wexford County on the 27th.

Colonel David Sinnott became Governor of Wexford Town 27 September and arrived with 500 men. Ormonde sent another 1000

On the 2nd October, Cromwell captured the fort at Rosslare and the next day summoned the town of Wexford to surrender.

Sinnott sought more resources from Ormonde and he arrived Monday 08 Oct with 500 but the towns people refused to admit him. He was attacked by Cromwells troops and he withdrew to Kilkenny

On the 11th Oct 1649 Cromwell attacked Wexford Castle with cannon

where-upon Stafford surrendered the castle hoping to save Sir Arthur Aston's effects. Sir Ralph Aston's father, Sir Arthur Aston was killed at Drogheda. Sir Ralph had entrusted his father's effects to Stafford for save keeping. This is the reason that Stafford capitulated.

There is no proof of treachery. The story that Stafford sold the castle for £500 is a pure invention. The rumour appears to have started in 1708 nearly 59 years after the event

Colonel David Sinnott was wounded in the head and drowned while attempting to escape

This is a remarkable little book because it contains many copies of official correspondence between Cromwell and Sinnott and others, as well as copies of eye witness accounts of the massacre.

The book concludes with four pages devoted to Stafford pedigree charts from the Heraldic Visitation to Wexford of 1618

*STAFFORD. Hamond m c1516 Joan FITZHENRY

**Richard STAFFORD m c1547 Ellen BROWN

***James STAFFORD b 1550 m Katerina BUTLER

****Richard STAFFORD b c1578, d1624 m Anstace SUTTON

*****James STAFFORD b1608,

..........Governor Wexford Castle 1649, assumed dead 1654. u/m

Also from the Pedigree Charts - Heraldic Visitation to Wexford 1618

William ROSSITER of Bargy m c1580 Marion STAFFORD b1554 d/o Dionsius STAFFORD and Katerina SINOT

Thomas ROSSITER of Rathmacknee m c1540 Catherine STAFFORD of Stonebridge Castle

Robert ROSSITER of Bargy m c1630 Ellen Stafford d/o John STAFFORD and Alison DEVEREUX


In Newsletter Number One, I wrote that a ROSSETUR went to Lincolnshire in 1190. This is not correct.

A Robert Cooke made two visitations to Lincolnshire, one in 1562-4 and one in 1592 and it was he that recorded the ROSSETUR family. It is recorded as the Lincolnshire Visitation, manuscript 1190, folio 79.

Details are published in "The Genealogist" Vol IV., see above

Bits and Pieces

Truth about a Coat-of-Arms and Visitation Records

Parting Thought

The older I get, the better I was.


The Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City are to be congratulated on producing the USA 1880 census on cdrom and for making it available to the researcher at a very reasonable cost. For researchers chasing their elusive ancestors from Ireland or England or any other place, these cdroms are valuable tools.

Feature Article

USA 1880 Census

This census became available on cdrom in 2000. There are 35 discs covering seven districts and there are a total of 1249 ROSSITER names listed. The districts that they are listed in is as follows,

District No.Discs No. Rossiters

New England 3 177 Atlantic States 9 451

Cumberland 5 30

Southern States 5 31

Praire States 5 92

Great Lakes 7 401

Western States 1 67

A breakdown of countries of origin are for ROSSITER is as follows

IRISH ENG CAN WALE FRAN GERM SCOT ATLANTIC STATES 61 20 4 3 2 1 0 CUMBERLAND 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 GREAT LAKES 32 15 16 0 0 6 1 NEW ENGLAND 18 6 2 0 0 0 0 PRAIRE 7 5 2 0 0 0 0 SOUTHS 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 WEST 10 3 17 131 49 41 3 2 8 1 = 235

In forth coming newsletters we will look at some of the Rossiter families listed in this census.

Our Viking, Norman, English, Rossiter Ancestors

Further to what I wrote in Newsletter No.17 (June 2001) I have found an interesting site at -: http//

The Rossiter/Randolph pedigree is as follows.


Child of Engleram


Child of Randulphus

***Robert Fitz-Randulph

Children of Robert Fitz-Randulphus

****William Fitz-Randulphus m. Alice

****Hubert Fitz Ralph m(1) Agnes, m(2)Idonea


Children of William Fitz-Ranulphus and Alice






Children of Hubert Fitz-Ralph and Idonea



Children of Ralph Fitz-Ralph

******Estacia Fitz-Ralph m.Nicholas de Cantilupe

Another look at the web page

which lists the knights who went to Ireland during the period of 1169 to 1173 reveals a knight by the name of Fitz-Ralph (Randulph)

I believe that the first Irish born Rossiters descend from this person.

One day I hope to prove it


Gleanings From the Internet

Rosseter, Ann m. James Maxwell @ St.Anne's Overberry St L7

Rosseter, Jacobum m. Mariam Leary @ Sacred Heart, Hall Lane L7

Rosseter, Mary m. Thomas Folkes @ St.Anne's Overberry St L7

Rossetter, Marium m. Patritium Murphy @ St.Vincent de Paul, Hardy St L1

Rossetter, William m. Catharine Kennedy @ St.Anthony's Scotland Rd L5

Rossiter, Andream m. Rose Davies @ Holy Cross, Great Cross, Hall St L3

Rossiter, Annam m.Jacobum Redmond@ Our Lady of Reconciliation ...............Eldon St L3

Rossiter, Annam m. Thomas Elliot @ St Joseph's Grovesvenor St L3

Rossiter, Catharine m. Edward Morris @ St Mary's Highfield St L3

Rossiter, Daniel m. Rose Mullin @ St Peter's Seel St L1

Rossiter, Eliz m. Thomas Tracey @ St Anthony's Scotland Rd L5

Rossiter, Eliza m John Cain @ St Anne's Overberry St L7

Rossiter, Francescum m Joannem Bartley @ St Joseph's Grovesvenor St L3


English Archives

ROSSITER 48 listings







Computer Corner

Rossiter Reproducibles

ROSSITER 683 listings





Sites of the Month

Bits and Pieces

From the "Quenslander", Brisbane, Saturday 27 August 1892

"ROSSITER - BAYNES - On the 12th August, at the residence of the bride's parents, Harry ROSSITER, of Tucka Tucka Station, New South Wales, to Laura, third daughter of Joseph BAYNES, of Vulture Street, South Brisbane"

(Harry Rossiter b 03 April 1861 Norfolk Island, died 11August 1942, fourth child of Thomas Rossiter and Charlotte Bisset of Norfolk Island. Ed.,)


Rossiter One List Messages

These messages are archived at



Gleanings From The Internet

Read about tales of terror and mystery and Sir Thomas Rossiter in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book "The Beetle Hunter" on line at -:

Index of Inquisitions in the PRO - Elizabeth 1558 to 1603

ROSSETER alias SKERNE, Alice.,1561, County York, Chancery Series II, vol.129, no.75

ROSSETER Henry, 1580, County Lincoln, Chancery Series II, vol.190, no.23

ROSSETER Richard, 1567, County Lincoln, Chancery Series II, vol.146, no.97



Alumni Oxonienses

The Members of the University of Oxford, 1500 - 1714

John ROCITER , co.Somerset 1581., Reg.Univ.Oxf.,vol.ii., pt.ii., p.109

Alumni Oxonienses

The Members of the University of Oxford, 1715 - 1886

ROSSETER Robert Grafton only son of James Mamaduke of Lambeth, arm.

Christchurch Matric 03 June 1840 aged 18., BA.1844., MA.1847.,bar-at-law Lincoln's Inn1848., curate Mayd Laver, Essex. died 19 July 1861

ROSSITER Francis Seares, first son of Charles of London. gent. Wadham College., matric 19 Oct 1885, aged 19, scholar 1884.

Alumni Cantabrigensis

The Members of the University of Cambridge

Part One

From The Earliest Times To 1751

ROSSITER. Edward. Adm.pens.(age 18) at Sidney, 13 May, 1636, 2nd son of

Richard, Esq.Born at Somerby Lincs. Schools, Kirton Lincs. (Mr RAINBOW) and Beverley (Mr POMEROY). Matric 1636. Colonel in the Parliamentary Army. M.P. for Grimsby, 1646-1648., for Lincs 1654-1655, 1656-1658, 1659-1660. Knighted 26 May 1660. Of Somerby. Married (1) Jane, dau.of Sir Richard SAMWELL of Gayton, Northants., Knt., (2) Arabella, dau.of John HOLLES, Earl of Clare. Will dated 15 Aug 1668., proved 27 Feb 1668-9. Brother of Richard ROSSITER (Lincs. Pedigrees, 834)

ROSSITER. Richard. Adm.pens. (age 17) at Sidney, 27 Jan 1633-4, son and heir of Richard Esq. Born at Somerby, Lincs. Schools, Hayton (private), Kirton-in-Lindsey and Repton. Adm. at the Middle Temple, 17 Nov 1635., died d.s.p. 7 Feb 1635-6. (Lincs. Pedigrees, 834)

ROSSITER. Simon. Resident at Emmanuel, Nov 1592 when he was admonished" by the Master

ROSSETER. Thomas. Matric. Fell.-Com. from CHRIST'S, Michs.1609. Probably 4th son of Richard, of Somerby, Lincs, Adm. at Gray's Inn, 10 June 1611. One of the Lincs. Commissioners, 1645. Living 1652. died before 15 Aug 1668.

(Peile,1.274; Lincs.Pedigrees,834; Vis.of Lincs., 1592)

Alumni Cantabrigensis

The Members of the University of Cambridge

Part Two - 1752 to 1900

ROSSETER, James Wickenden. Adm.Fell.-Com.(age 17) at Trinity, 17 May 1783, son of Hames of london. School, St Paul's. Matric. Michs.1783., B.A.1787., M.A.1791. (St Paul's Sch. Reg., "James"only)

ROSSITER, John Carpenter. Adm.pens. at corpus Christi, 01 Oct 1895. Son of Walter Robert, accountant of Newport Street Tiverton Devon. Born there 07 aug 1873. School, Blundell's, Tiverton. Matric. Michs.1895; B.A.1898; M.A.1921. Ord.deacon (Exeter)1899; priest 1900; C of Combe-in-Teignhead, Devon 1899-1901. C.of Charles, Plymouth, 1901-1905; C.of St Matthias, Plymouth 1905-09; C.of Melcombe Regis and Christchurch with Radipole, Dorset, 1909-13. V.of Wethersfield, Essex, 1914-28. V.of Hatherleigh, Devon 1928-47. (Crockford)

Scholars of St.Peter's College Westminster 1561 - 1812

(St.Peter's College is the college of Westminster Abbey)

"The list of Queens scholars of St Peter's College 1561-1852 admitted to Christchurch Oxford and Trinity College, Cambridge"

Nil ROSSITER listed

Alumni Dublinenses


FHLC #990388


First s/o John, Tomhaggard Co.Wexford., sch 1610

admitted to Lincoln's Inn 18 Jan 1615-16

End of Scholastic Rossiters


Irish Corner

Interments in the East Hesperia Cemetery, Newaygo County, Denver

Jeremiah ROSSITER b 04 June ????Wexford, d Jan 1886

Bridget Fortune ROSSITER b18 June1835, d 15June1880 (w/o Jeremiah)

(both not listed in USA 1880 census. Jeremiah is a son of Joseph ROSSITER and Anastasia FURLONG. Ed.,)

ref -:

Pigot's Directory London


ROSSITER, John, painter, 6 Primrose Street Bishopgate


ROSSITER. Caroline, shopkeeper, 15 Bedfordbury

ROSSITER. George, watchmaker, 5 Blackman Street

ROSSITER. Jas, pocket bl mkr 30 Gt St James St Hoxton

ROSSITER. Jas, trunk mkr (portmanteau & hat case), 54 Shoe Lane

ROSSITER. Jas, Esterbrook and Co., woollen drapers, 15 Marylebone St

ROSSITER. John, painter, 5 Whitelion St. norton Folgate

September 1839

ROSSETER.Thomas, butcher, Virginia Place, Great Dover Road

ROSSITER, Frederick, carpenter, 14 Nicholas Lane Cannon Street

ROSSITER, James, trunk and hat case maker, 15 Greville Street

ROSSITER, James E., woollen draper and mercer,

.....................24 Marylebone Street, Golden Square

ROSSITER, William and John, woollen manufacturers, 67 Aldermanbury

Rossiter - USA

For Rossiter - Bartlett - Norton family connections go to

More information available in the book -:

Rosseter, Rossiter, Rossitter and Related Families

by Watters and Nelson

Parting Thought

Don't byte off more than you can view

End of Newsletter 21 - June 2001



This newsletter has somewhat of an international flavour as we look at some Rossiter families around the world

Feature Article




*ROSSITER. Charles (Cornelius or John) b c1810-1813 Somerset England, arr India 1829, ..d 08Oct1869, bur08Oct1869 ..Peshawar India, m 31Oct1838 Cubbulpore India-

..Grace Caroline FRIZZLO, b c1824 d/o James FRIZZLO

Children of Charles ROSSITER and Grace Caroline FRIZZLO

**Ellen Charlotte b14Nov1840 Delhi India

**William James b01July1841Allahabad India, d1875, m Elizabeth Jane "UNKNOWN"

***Jemima b1843 Ferozepore, d1923 Wimbeldon England, m.1858

......Richard Henry James TEAR, b1825 London d1880 Wimbeldon

**Lucy bp 05Apr1847 Jullunder India

**Cornelius (Frank or Frederick) b13Feb1850 Ferozepore India, bp 31July1850 Ferozepore, ....d1926 Multan India, m 10July 1886 Lahore-Margaret Nellie "unknown" b c1867

**Charles b 01Aug1852 Meerut, bp 22Dec1852

**Job b21Oct1854, bp1855 Ferozepore

**Robert Job b16June1857, bp1858, m1887 Eva Mary VOLKERS

**Richard Aldophus Theodore b12Oct1858, bp1860, m1896 Hilda JOHNSON


Children of William James ROSSITER and Elizabeth Jane "UNKNOWN"

***Elizabeth Grace b16Mar1867Rouke, d02June1869

***Charles Bertie bc1868 Cawnpore, m12June1893 Allahabad-Harriet J ANDREWS

Children of Cornelius ROSSITER and Margaret Nellie "UNKOWN"

***Arthur Leslie b14Aug1897 Multan India, d 07Aug1957 Perth Western Australia
......m 21June1928 Lahore India-Eileen ELKINS nee PURSLOW, b21May1906 Belgaum,

...... d1995,d/o Frederick George PURSLOW and Cathleen Maud "UNKNOWN"

......m(1) 23Aug1923 St Mary Dehli, Hamiton Lascelles Donald ELKINS , divorced b/f1928

......issue Kathleen Charlotte and Frederick




***Herbert, m Faith "UNKNOWN"

***Charles, m18Apr1927 Lahore Beryl GREEN


***Florence, m10Feb1926 Multan India-Richard HURLEY

***Alice, m29Dec1926 Lahore India-William LYONS


Children of Robert Job ROSSITER and Eva Mary VOLKERS

***Robert Francis ROSSITER

Children of Arthur Leslie ROSSITER and Eileen PURSLOW

****Frank Arthur b03Dec1928 Lahore, m 0000, issue Veronica ROSSITER






Children of Herbert ROSSITER and Faith "UNKNOWN"



Children of Charles ROSSITER and Beryl GREEN


****Irwin (Ian)


Elizabeth Catherine ROSSITER (born 30th July 1853) and
Helen ROSSITER (born 8th December 1855)
daughters of unknown ROSSITER and Margaret ROSSITER, d/o John WALL

Stella Cecilia ROSSITER b c1867 India, m.17Mar1909 Reginald Charles albert PLOMER

d/o Cornelius ROSSITER

A Possible Connection

*ROSSITER. John, b1665 Foxcote Somerset, d1699, m1680

**John bFoxcote, m Jane

*** John b 1700, d1756, m 1723-Jane LANSDOWNE

****John b1729 Foxcote, d1786, m1751 Sussanah POINTING (PONTEN),b1733, d1807

*****Cornelius, b1758, d1840 Foxcote, m (1)1788 Betty CARVER

******Charles b1793 b/o Job and William

Charles ROSSITER b.1793 may have been the one that went to India.


Veronica Rossiter of Western Australia

Hadyn Morgan of Hamilton New Zealand

Ian Howard of Essex England

Web Sites

Waller & MacMillan Smith Family Genealogy Site


Help Corner

Rossiter's of Brazil

*Lidio de Mendonca ROSSITER m Maria PERPETUA

** Flavio Augusto ROSSITER b 13 Aug 1886 Passo Do Camaragibe, Alagoas, .....Brazil, m 07 June1913 @Serinhaem, Penambuco, Brazil, Alice POWEL

Any more information on this family appreciated


Rossiter Names in the 1881 Census for England Born in Ireland

Gleanings From The Internet


1820 to 1829 and 1840 to 1858
on-line at

Public Record Office




Ealing Middlesex

08 July 1852

Will, PROB 11/2156



15 October 1853

Will,PROB 11/2180

Richard Rossiter OXLEY

38 Dobsons Terrace

Newington, Surrey

13 July 1854

Will,PROB 11/2195



Frome Selwood


28 December 1855

Will, PROB 11/2224




08 February 1840

Will, PROB11/1923

James Easterbrook ROSSITER

Man Mercer

27 Pall Mall, Middlesex

05 June 1844

Will, PROB 11/2000


Saint Marylebone


23 May 1845

Will, PROB 11/20/18



Bedminster, Bristol


11 September 1843

Will, PROB/11/1986



Clifton, Gloucestershire

15 January 1847

Will, PROB 11/2049

Elizabeth ROSSITER


Christchurch, Surrey

27 May 1823

Will, PROB 11/1671

Elizabeth Pysing ROSSITER


Taunton Saint James


16 March 1824

Will, PROB 11/1683




17 February 1810

Will, PROB 11/1712



Saint Sepulchre, City of London

17 February 1810

Will, PROB 11/1508


Rosseter Lenton WALKER


Chelsea, Middlesex

22 November 1852

Will, PROB 11/2162

John Bateman ROSSETER


Town and Port of Dover


29 December 1819

Will, PROB 11/1623


nil entries


nil entries



Parting Thought

We have just enough religion to make us hate,

but not enough to make us love one another.

(Jonathan Swift)


The ROSSITER family had the general store at Old Adaminaby for over sixty years.

The township of Old Adaminaby was drowned when the Snowy River Hydro Electric Scheme was instigated. This town was on the shore of Lake Eucumbene which was raised in 1947. Old Adaminaby was shifted up the hill and a new township of Adaminaby was formed.

Adaminaby is 150 kms south of Canberra on the Monaro highway to Cooma then 50 kms northwest of Cooma on the Snowy Mountains Highway

In this article we look at the ROSSITER family of Adaminaby and their family tree.

Feature Article

Joseph Cartwright ROSSITER and wife Elizabeth McDONALD

Un-named Daughter

George Frederick ROSSITER and wife Hannah CHRISTMAS

George Frederick ROSSITER was baptised 10th March 1822 at St Giles Church, Cripplegate, London, England. He married Hannah CHRISTMAS about 1842, daughter of Thomas and Hannah CHRISTMAS of Hollywell Road, London.

George and Hannah had five children., Frederick Robert 1843., George Joseph 1844., Edwin Thomas., Hannah., and Walter James.

George Frederick ROSSITER is listed in the 1859/60 Electoral Roll and in Sands Directory 1858/59 as a tailor at 76 King Street Sydney. He also appears in the London Post Office Directory of 1853 as a wholesale clothier at 122A London Wall, London. So sometime between 1853 and 1858 he came to Sydney with his wife and five children.

George died 23 October 1866 at Camperdown in Sydney.

Walter James ROSSITER and wife Mary CRUICKSHANK and Family

Reginald Walter ROSSITER was born in 1895 in Newtown. In 1928 he married Alice M CLUGSTON. Alice was a daughter of Andrew Castles CLUGSTON and Selina Alice BARRETT. Reginald and Alice had three daughters., Lola., Nona., and Betty.

Sydney James ROSSITER was born at Adaminaby in 1898. He died there on the 30th January 1920.

Hannah I. ROSSITER was born in 1901 at Adaminaby. In 1928 she married Samuel McKAY at Cooma.

Adeline Constance ROSSITER was born 1907 in Adaminaby. In 1942 she married George Edwin BURKE at Newtown.


225. ROSSITER, Reginald Walter, died 19 Nov 1973 aged 73 years erected by his daughters

255a. ROSSITER, William James, died 17 Nov 1921 aged 66 years erected by his wife and children

255b ROSSITER, Sidney James, died 30 Jan 1919 aged 22 years erected by mother, brother and sisters

"In memory of Sid ROSSITER, by his comrades,

G.F., T.O., S.M., N.M.R.V., A.Y., W.K. 30 Jan 1920"

256 ROSSITER, Mary, died 21 June 1943 aged 80 years

erected by sons and daughters

260 ROSSITER, Alice May, died 05 Feb 1936, aged 38 years

erected by her husband and children

Ref-: "Monumental Inscriptions - Monaro"

by The Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra

End of Article


The last remaining member of the original board of the University of Queensland's Faculty of Dentistry, Mr Arthur ROSSITER died on 21 July 1981, aged 86.

Mr ROSSITER became a member of the board when it first met on 31 October 1935, and continued to serve the University in this capacity until the time of his death. He was a part time lecturer in the Faculty from its beginning and remained the teacher of operative techniques for many years.

Mr ROSSITER's contribution to dentistry in Queensland dates back to the end of World War One when, following repatriation from the Army, he entered the profession through the apprenticeship system. Following registration as a dentist he entered general practice and became involved in the affairs of the profession in Queensland including the establishment of the University's Dental Faculty.

After World War II, Mr ROSSITER studied at the University for a Bachelor of Dental Science degree, which he obtained in 1947. In 1961 he was recognised for his contribution to dentistry by being elected a fellow of the International College of Dentists. The University awarded him the degree of Master of Dental Science, honoris causa in 1966. He was also made a foundation fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and a life member of the Australian Dental Association.

The relatives and friends of Mr & Mrs A.T.MEYERS (Marian)., Mr A.H.(Hal) ROSSITER (Melbourne)., Mr & Mrs R.A.COLLINS (Margaret) and their families are respectfully invited to attend the cremation service of their loved father, father in law, and grand father Arthur ROSSITER to be held in the East Chapel of the Mt Thompson crematorium tomorrow Thursday 11.15am


ROSSITER Charlotte.,died 19-08-1925.,Hurtsville.,age 72.,sect 15, grave 10

ROSSITER Edwin Thomas.,died 09-09-1896.,Newtown.,aged 50.,section 15, grave 9

ROSSITER Elizabeth.,died 01-04-1909.,aged 79.,Homebush.,sect 44, grave 1

ROSSITER Emily Blanche.,died 01-02-1922.,aged 67.,Homebush.,sect 44, grave 2

ROSSITER Lillian Sarah.,died 09-12-1960.,Hurtseville.,aged 81.,sect 15, grave 9

ROSSITER Percy McDonald.,died 15-08-1934.,Enfield.,aged 29.,sect 6, grave 8B

ROSSITER Ronald McDonald.,died 28-02-1917.,Waterfall.,aged 19.,sect 6, grave 8B

ROSSITER Unknown.,died 04-04-1879.,Bankstown.,aged 18 months.,Sect 15, grave 10


Gleanings From the Internet

Shearman's Commercial Directory 1839 - Search results for "Rossiter" in all Counties

ROSSITER, Thomas., victualler., Carlow., of Attending the New Market

ROSSITER, John., gentry and clergy., New Ross Wexford., of Abbeybreney

ROSSITER, Tobias., gentry and clergy., New Ross Weford., of Newbawn


Help Corner

ROSSETER Elizabeth Esther., born 1824., died 08 May 1886., buried Pioneer Cemetery

Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia

(Any information appreciated. Ed.,)


Irish Corner



Father Alphonsus ROSSITER

1848 - 1906

Born 23 March 1848 in Wexford, Ireland he was the son of Martin Rossiter and Bridget Kehoe. He came to the United States as a child and entered the Passionist novitiate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at fifteen. He was professed on March 30, 1864. He was ordained on April 1, 1871 and started his career as a preacher of parish missions. In the spring of 1878 he was elected rector of St. Mary's Retreat, Dunkirk, New York in order to fill out the term of Father Basil who had died. At the next provincial chapter he was elected rector of Holy Cross Retreat, Cincinnati, Ohio. Three years later he was elected rector of St. Paul of the Cross Monastery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In several monasteries he held the position of vice-rector. In 1889 he was made rector of St. Michael's Monastery, West Hoboken, New Jersey. Elected again at the next chapter he declined the appointment for health reasons.

He suffered from rheumatism. He was then assigned as vice-rector at St. Joseph's Monastery, Baltimore, Maryland. In 1905 he was elected rector of St. Mary's, Dunkirk. While he was out on the mission he was considered one of the best catechists. Around Christmas 1905 he became ill.

He was taken to Scranton, Pennsylvania for care and then to St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore,Maryland. Right before his death (01 April 1906) Cardinal Gibbons came to visit him.

End of Obituary

Father Alphonsus ROSSITER is listed in the USA 1880 census.

Alph ROSSITER., aged 30., born Ireland, Rector Holy Cross Retreat, Cincinatti.

Father Alph's parents, Martin ROSSITER and Bridget KEHOE and sister Mary are also listed in the USA 1880 census.

Martin ROSSITER., aged 69., born Ireland., farmer., New Jersey

Bridget ROSSITER., aged 59., born Ireland.,

Mary ROSSITER.,aged 24., born Ireland


Bits and Pieces

WW2 Nominal Roll - Enlistments in Australia

126 listings including the following 15 non Australians

ROSSITER, Charles., W69884., b05Mar 1911., London England., Army

ROSSITER, Christopher James.,NX119532., b29July1922., Mt Rath Ireland., Army

ROSSITER, David John.,NX108420.,b06July1923.,London England., Army

ROSSITER, Edward Francis Smedley.,N273165.,b21Jun1922.,London England., Army

ROSSITER, Edward Francis Smedley.,NX73595.,b21Jun1922.,London England.,Army

ROSSITER, Francis Maurice Seares.,VX15233.,b19Sep1899.,Northampton England.,Army

ROSSITER, Frank William., 64120., b10Jan1905.,Edinburgh Scotland.,RAAF

ROSSITER, George Frederick.,F2947.,b30Dec1894.,London England., RAN

ROSSITER, George Frederick.,W18610.,b13Dec1893.,London England., Army

ROSSITER, Jack.,W68995.,b23 July1906., England., Army

ROSSITER, Jack., WX7882.,b23July1906.,London England., Army

ROSSITER, Oliver James.,VX23309.,b02June1913.,England.,Army

ROSSITER, Trevor William James.,NX110863.,b22Nov1916.,Christchurch NZ.,Army

ROSSITER, Walter Charles., WX5747.,b15Nov1904., London England., Army

ROSSITER, William John Walter.,N207321.,b18Dec1913.,Seattle USA.,Army

More details available on web page



1881 census UK

Frank ROFSITER born 1865 Hornsey London

Jessie ROFSITER born 1868 Hornsey London

IGI - British Isles

John ROFSITER born 1821 St.Phillip and Jacob, Bristol Gloucester England

John ROFSITER married before 1846 ditto

Joseph ROFSITER bapt 07 Mar 1844 ditto

Mary ROFSITER bapt 25 Sep 1814 ditto

Sarah ROFSITER bapt 27 Sep 1846 ditto

Thomas ROFSITER born 1788 ditto

Mary ROFSITER born 26 Apr 1860 Bristol

Parting Thought

"Your Ancestors Did What -- Where?" (LOL)

End of Newsletter No 23 - December 2002



Anzac Day is commemorated in Australia and New Zealand each year on the 25th April. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (the ANZACS) landed at Gallipoli in Turkey on Sunday the 25th April 1915 signalling their first engagement in World War One.

This British inspired blunder led to the slaughter of thousands of soldiers. One of the first to be killed would have been Private 2055 Reginald James ROSSITER of the Sixth Battalion, Australian Infantry who died that day. He was buried at Plugge's Plateau in Turkey. He was 23 years old. And so ended another ROSSITER dynasty

Reginald James ROSSITER was a son of James and Sarah Jane ROSSITER of 70 Addison Street St Kilda Melbourne.

In this research paper we look at his family tree. Here you will see that he is related to Sir John Frederick ROSSITER, K.B.E., and to Sir John's daughter


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This family seems to have its roots in Eling, Hampshire, England

Generation One

James ROSSITER., m 16 Jan 1800 @ Eling, Esther EASTERBROOK

Generation Two

Children of James ROSSITER and Esther EASTERBROOK

John ROSSITER, b1805., d1882 Vic.Aus., m c1830 Ann BUTCHER b1812., d1887 Vic.

Generation Three

Children of John Easterbrook ROSSITER and Ann BUTCHER

Sarah ROSSITER b Eling.,bp29Apr1832 St James Westminster., d1866 Vic.Aus. un-married

Thomas ROSSITER b 03Feb1842 Eling., d25Nov1911Carlton., m Melb.23Aug1864 Ellen .............A.M.DALGLISH b Glasgow., arr Melb.1855 "Thames"., d06May1912

James ROSSITER b c1849 London., d1910 Vic.Aus., m1877 Vic.Aus. Sarah J TAYLOR .............b1853 Eng., d 09Aug 1938 Camberwell Vic.

John ROSSITER and his wife Ann and their three children sailed on the "City of Hobart" in 1856 bound for Tasmania, Australia. The family stayed in Tasmania for about ten years before settling in Melbourne. In Tasmania, from 1862 to 1865, John and Ann both worked for the "Hospital for the Insane" at New Norfolk for a salary of sixty pounds per year. John was a gate keeper and Ann a sub-matron. John and Ann settled in Carlton, a suburb of Melbourne in 1866.

Generation Four A

Children of Thomas ROSSITER and Ellen Alexander Moiré DALGLISH

Ellen Sarah (Nellie) ROSSITER, b Richmond 13Jun1865.,m 27Dec1886 John MELVILLE

Thomas Dalglish ROSSITER, b Richmond 1866, served in A.I.F.

Annie Alexander (Annie Ada) ROSSITER.,b Richmond 17Dec1868., m1892 Leon STAHLE

Marion Winifred (Minnie) ROSSITER.,bRichmond 25Jan1870.,m1894 Herbert E PERRETT

Frederick Dalglish ROSSITER.,b Colac 1872.,d 16Apr1952.,m1897 Marion SUTHERLAND

James Alexander (Arthur) ROSSITER. ,b 11July1875.,d 19May1953.,

...........m 20 Jan1911 Sarah NICHOLAS b1881., d1962

James worked as a clerk for the Education Department

He lived at 30 Woodhead St North Fitzroy Melbourne

Arthur John ROSSITER., b 1877.,d 1932.,m 1904 Ada Winifred MAYER b1880., d1956

Lilian Agnes ROSSITER., b 18Oct1879., d 1962., u/m

Herbert D (Harry) ROSSITER.,b 03July1883., d 24Apr1958.,m 1908 Magdalene E COWAN

Frances Wilfred ROSSITER.,b 1885.,d 1968.,m 1908 Emma (Lovie) HEMINGWAY

Generation Five A

Children of James Alexander ROSSITER and Sarah NICHOLAS

Sir John Frederick ROSSITER., K.B.E. 1978., b 17Dec1913 Fitzroy., d18Jan1988 .....Sydney., m(1) 09Mar1939 @ Brighton, Joan STEWART., m(2) Heather STEER 1980

Sheila Muir ROSSITER, b1915., d1937

Generation Six A

Children of Sir John Frederick ROSSITER and Joan STEWART

Lady Susan ROSSITER, b 15 June1939., living 2003., m(1)Andrew PEACOCK 1963.,

.........m(2)Robert SANGSTER 1978.,m(3) Sir Frank RENOUF 1985

Jill ROSSITER., d1963


Generation Four B

Children of James ROSSITER and Sarah Jane TAYLOR

Evelyn Maud ROSSITER, b1878., m 03Oct1903 John Percy WYNDHAM

Rose Kate ROSSITER., b1880

Elsie Jane ROSSITER., b1882

Constance Ann ROSSITER., b1885

Charles Chapman ROSSITER., b1887., d1902

Reginald James ROSSITER., b Camberwell 1892., d 25 April 1915 (killed in action WWI)

Reginald James ROSSITER was a grandson of James Easterbrook ROSSITER and Ann BUTCHER

Sir John Frederick ROSSITER was a great grandson and a distant cousin of Reginald


John Frederick ROSSITER was born in Melbourne 17 December 1913, son of James Alexander ROSSITER and Sarah ROSSITER nee NICHOLAS

Sir John was educated at Middle Park Central School, Melbourne High School, Melbourne University, and Melbourne Teachers College. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a quadruple "Blue" in cricket, boxing, lacrosse and swimming.

From 1937 to 1939 Sir John was a teacher. On the 9th March 1939 he married Joan STEWART at St Andrews Church of England at Brighton in Victoria.

During World War II he was an Army Captain in the Australian Imperial Force (A.I.F.) And he also saw active service in the Royal Australian Air Force. (R.A.A.F.)

From 1946 to 1955 Sir John was a lecturer in English at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, (R.M.I.T.)

In 1955 he embarked on a political career and became the Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.) for Brighton, a position he held for 21 years. He was Minister of Immigration from 1965 to 1967, Minister of Labour and Industry from 1967 to 1970, Minister of Health from 1970 to 1973, and Chief Secretary for Victoria from 1973 to 1976.

In 1976 Sir John resigned his position of MLA for Brighton to take up the post of agent General for Victoria in London., a position he held for three years.

On the 3rd of June 1978 Sir John was awarded the K.B.E., Knight of the Order of the British Empire.

On the 18th January 1988 he died suddenly at his home in Sydney aged 74.

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Irish Corner

Pigott's Directory - South East Ireland


ROSSETER John, auctioneer, Mary Street Wexford

ROSSETER Thomas, publican, Main Street Wexford

ROSSETER Thomas, saddler and harness maker, Ann Street Wexford

ROSSITER Richard, grocer and tea dealer, Barron Street Strand




Superioress Presentation Convent

Ferns Road




Pres Convent




Elizabeth ROSSITER


John Street








New Market

Main Street



Resident Surgeon

Fever Hospital

New Ross



Gentry & Clergy List


New Ross





Gentry & Clergy List


New Ross




Priory Street

New Ross



Relieving Officer

Workhouse Chambers' Land

New Ross




Workhouse Chamber's Land

New Ross



Gentry & Clergy List


New Ross





Leather Seller

Cockpit Lane

New Ross




Cockpit Lane

New Ross




Priory Street

New Ross



ENGLAND P.C.C. WILLS - 1383 to 1700


ROSSITER John Gent Wolmerston Crewkerne 75 Wood, 1611

(s/o Phillip ROSSITER and Katherine LYTE)

ROSSITER Phillip Gent pr.21May1623, rel.Eliz [see p79 Dunstsan West London [41 Swann 1625

(s/o PhillipROSSITER and Katherine LYTE)

ROSSITER John pr. 19May1630, rel.Ellen New Sleaford Lincolnshire 41/1630

(2nd s/o Christopher ROSSITER and Margaret TILSBIE)

ROSSITER Nicholas pr.23May1643 s/oEdw.dec. Coombe St Nicholas 98 Pembroke 1643 ROSSITER John Gent pr.28Feb1648 by son SirJohn R Old Cleeve Somerset 156 Essex 1648

(s/o John ROSSITER of Crewkerne d.1611) ROSSITER Bridget u/m 15Apr1654, pr22Aug by nephew

Edw. ROSSITER Somerby 104 Alchin 1652

104 1654.,(d/o Richard ROSSITER and Bridget CARR) ROSSITER Anthony Gent Legborne Lincs. 205/1656

Will dated 18Mar1588/89

Pr.19May1656 m.Mary RYGHTON

ROSSITER John Snr Child Ockford Dorset 233/1657 ROSSITER Horatio s/oEdw. ROSSITER and Arabella HOLLES Somerby Lincs. 48/1685 b23May1663

ROSSITER Lady Arabella Wid., Somerby Lincs. 85/1689


ROSSITER Sir Edward Knt., Somerby Lincs 22/1669


ROSSITER Daniel Somerset 295/1787


ROSSITER Thomas Bac Lincolnshire Inn Mdx to Alexander Roch.,gent.,Newtown,Wexford p116/1617

ROSSITER Richard Salisbury Court, St Brides Fleet St., 114/1651

ROSSITER Phillip Taunton.,St Mary Magdalene SOM., 107/1657

ROSSITER Isabel., als' RAWLYNS., Brampton Northants 295/1657


Gleanings From the Internet


1728 - 1812


ROSSITER. William RIDWOOD. Ann 05 Jul 1778

............ of Muzewell Oxford

ROSSITER. Abel DAVIS. Ann 02 Dec 1735

ROSSITER. Susanna HILL. Henry 26 Aug 1739

ROSSITER. James BERRY. Betty 01 Dec 1785

ROSSITER. Jane BLAZE. Robert 08 Nov 1731

ROSSITER. Jane HAVERFIELD. John 24 Nov 1734

ROSSITER. John BRIDGES. Ann 23 May 1741

ROSSITER. John STONE. Elizabeth 03 Feb 1743

ROSSITER. Mary GOULD. George 01 Sep 1730

ROSITER. Betty HOW. James 05 Jan 1758

of West Monkton

ROSSITER. Mary CHICK. Thomas 20 Apr 1812




1875 - 1962

Ernest Henry ROSSITER was born 16 August 1875 in London. The Family Records Centre in London have him listed as follows -:

Ernest Henry ROSSITER

born 1873 Third Quarter

St.Saviour 1a 160

The 1881 census have him listed as follows -:

Ernest Henry ROSSITER

Scholar, aged 5, born London Middlesex England

Living at

Sunnyside Road Homesey Rise "Alexandra Orphanage"

London Middlesex England

So it appears that his parents died and he was left an orphan

The Family Records Centre have a listing for an Ernest ROSSITER who died 1876 who may be Ernest Henry's father. The details are as follows -:


Died 1876 second quarter

Shoreditch 1c 105

Ernest Henry ROSSITER had a career in the British Army. He was in the ranks from 1895 to 1914 and a Warrant Officer from 1914 to 1915. He was promoted to Quarter Master and Honorary Lieutenant 13 April 1915., Honorary Captain 13 April 1918., Temporary Major 12 June 1919 to 30 April 1920. He was put on "retired pay" and granted rank of Major 27 September 1922., re-employed 01 September 1939., reverted to "retired pay" 26 July 1942 and died 17 October 1962.

Ernest Henry ROSSITER served in Malta 1897 to 1904., 1905 to 1909., 1913 to 1914., and 1915 to 1916. He was in the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium 1914 to 1915., the Egypt Expeditionary Force in Egypt 1916 to 1921., Officer in Charge Levant Base Depot of Medical stores 1919 to 1920.

Ernest Henry ROSSITER was awarded the 1914 Star., the British War Medal and the Victory Medal



1820 to 1829 and 1840 to 1858
on-line at

Public Record Office




Ealing Middlesex

08 July 1852

Will, PROB 11/2156



15 October 1853

Will,PROB 11/2180

Richard Rossiter OXLEY

38 Dobsons Terrace

Newington, Surrey

13 July 1854

Will,PROB 11/2195



Frome Selwood


28 December 1855

Will, PROB 11/2224




08 February 1840

Will, PROB11/1923

James Easterbrook ROSSITER

Man Mercer

27 Pall Mall, Middlesex

05 June 1844

Will, PROB 11/2000


Saint Marylebone


23 May 1845

Will, PROB 11/20/18



Bedminster, Bristol


11 September 1843

Will, PROB/11/1986



Clifton, Gloucestershire

15 January 1847

Will, PROB 11/2049

Elizabeth ROSSITER


Christchurch, Surrey

27 May 1823

Will, PROB 11/1671

Elizabeth Pysing ROSSITER


Taunton Saint James


16 March 1824

Will, PROB 11/1683




17 February 1810

Will, PROB 11/1712



Saint Sepulchre, City of London

17 February 1810

Will, PROB 11/1508


Rosseter Lenton WALKER


Chelsea, Middlesex

22 November 1852

Will, PROB 11/2162

John Bateman ROSSITER


Town and Port of Dover


29 December 1819

Will, PROB 11/1623


nil entries


nil entries




Parting Thought

Here's to you and yours and to mine and ours
And if mine and ours ever come across you and yours
I hope you and yours will do as much for mine and ours
As mine and ours have done for you and yours.

Merv Rossiter

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